May 31, 2008-Berens River Area-
We haven't heard from them today, but based on what they told us yesterday, they should be in the Berens River Area. Hopefully they'll send a
locater beacon tonight. When we met with them last week in Winnipeg, they asked us to add the following journal entry. They wrote the entry
in my journal and the following is their exact wording. They didn't want it published until they were on the lake, so here goes in Colton & Sean's
Colton Witte:
"Finally! We're on leg 3. Hopefully the wind and weather on the lake will be favorable. Should be about three weeks left, if there's no ice. LOL.
It's been hard to be away from friends  family, especially Courtney, but it's been fun and rewarding too. I'm glad the Red is finally over. The rest
of the route oughta fly, should be pretty country. The break in Winnipeg was nice; I can't wait for real food and a bed. This trips really made the
little things more gratifying. Anyway, gotta keep this short; I love and miss all of you guys especially Court and my 'rents, your support and
encouragement has been amazing, thanks so much. Talk to ya when I'm home:)"
Sean Bloomfield:
"We are finally off this muddy and windy Red River. The large lake, beautiful country and waves are a

May 30, 2008-Loon Straights
They called around 2:00PM and were near Heckla Island. Heckla Island is in the middle of Lake Winnipeg. We received a locater beacon at
about 11:00PM and they are near Loon Straights. Loon Straights is located on the Eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg about 1/3 of the way to
Norway House. So, they have crossed the Lake. It's good news that the crossing is behind them as the Lake is known for it's big waves and
sudden weather changes. The Postmaster from Velva, North Dakota, the birthplace of Eric Sevareid, called and he has a "Special Stamp
Cancellation" that he is going to mail to Colton & Sean. The recently issued commemorative postage stamp and the special cancellation
honor Eric Sevareid as a "Great American Journalist". The postmaster thought the boys would like a picture of the main street and the special
cancelled stamp. He's going to mail it to the boys around the time they arrive home. Thanks very much.

May 29, 2008-Gimli Area
Colton and Sean called at about 3:00PM and they were in Gimli. Gimli is a small town North of Winnipeg on the Western shore of Lake
Winnipeg. They said the weather was about 75 degrees and the lake was calm. They said things are going great! They slept in the canoe last
night because they were in a swampy area and weren't able to find a place dry enough to pitch a tent. Keep praying for a calm lake and the
wind at their back.

May 28, 2008-Lake Winnipeg Area
We haven't heard from them yet tonight. I checked the weather for the Winnipeg area today and it showed 50-60 degrees and breezy. It didn't
say anything about hurricane force winds, so hopefully it was another good day for travel. The traveled approximately 70 miles yesterday, so
they're still making good progress.

May 27, 2008-Winnipeg Area
The boys called-they did make it to Winnipeg tonight. They anticipate being on "The Big Lake" by tomorrow night. Based on the cell service in
the area and as they travel North, I'm guessing we'll hear from them less frequently. We did however, check the Winnipeg weather and if it's
accurate, the temperature was about 60 degrees with very little wind. If this is right, it was a great day for paddling. Keep the positive

May 25-26, 2008-Winnipeg
Colton and Sean took a much needed break from paddling. They started Sunday with two interviews. The first was radio, then CTV a Canadian
Television Station. I asked them if they get nervous about the interviews and they said at first they did. Now, it's just another day in the life of a
voyageur:) The rest of the day was spent running around Winnipeg looking for supplies. We went to the Via Rail station checking train
information for the end of the voyage. We did some research on the conditions of Lake Winnipeg, and then the final portion of the trip the
Hayes River. Colton and Sean are doing great. They look great. They really needed a rest, but are in excellent spirits and as strong and fit as
I've ever seen them. Their hands are very dried and cracked due to the cold weather and the mud on the Red River. We found some
waterproof gloves that hopefully will help. They ate more food than I think I've ever seen people eat in two days and ended Sunday with a hot
tub/jacuzzi. They said they're really missing their music. They have a small radio and speaker, but the battery runs out quite often and it's hard
to hear.  Monday we all got up at a leisurely time. Colton and Sean repacked all of their equipment and filled themselves with a couple more
hot meals. We brought them back to Letellier to drop them in the river and pick up the canoe they used for the first part of the trip at the Houle
farm. The Houles had taken good care of the canoe and Dennis was there to send them off. Thanks- The weather was a ferocious North wind
directly in their face and the temperature was 45 degrees. The weather has certainly been one of the biggest challenges. Everyone has told
us how unseasonably cold and windy this spring has been. Colton and Sean were warned again about the waves on Lake Winnipeg and the
rapids of the Hayes River. With this information, they hugged everyone, jumped in their canoe and were off about 2:00PM-Thanks again
everyone, keep them in your most positive thoughts and prayers-One more thing-they signed a canoe paddle for a man who gave them a
decal for their canoe that says "Failure is not an option". Thanks-our prayers are with you.

May 24, 2008-Winnipeg
Colton and Sean successfully crossed the border at about noon. They had to pull the canoe up on
the bank of the river and walk several miles to the customs/imagration station. By the time they
arrived back at the canoe it was about 3:00PM. They then paddled to Letellier and pulled up under a
bridge. The families had planned to meet them today and we connected via text messages. We
picked them up under the bridge at about 4:30PM. We were bringing the new canoe for the Lake
Winnipeg portion of the trip, so we now had two canoes with us. The historic farm owned by the
Houle family was right next to the river. We asked if we could chain a canoe to a tree until we came
back by and were told, no, no, put it in the shed. We met Jerry, Marc and Dianna Houle. All very kind
and helpful people. Thanks so much Houles- They let us wash the thick, sticky, Red River clay mud off
of all of their gear. Everything is covered with this gooey muck. Thanks again. On the way up, we had
to contend with extreme gusting winds. Marc Houle said it has been the windiest spring in years.
When we got to the hotel in Winnipeg, we were helped again by Linda. Linda so graciously allowed us
to scrub more of the muck off of the gear and store in the hotel's storage room. Thanks
Linda-Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day. Colton and Sean have two TV/radio interviews scheduled.

May 23, 2008-Drayton-noon
They called from Drayton at 12:00noon today. Everything was going well. They were having lunch. They made it out of the water and were
going to portage around the dam this afternoon. They hope to make it to the border tonight. Thanks so much to Gary G. from the Drayton area
who left a lantern out last night to mark a safe spot for the portage around the dam. This is an example of the kind of gesture that has been
offered so many times on this journey. It goes beyond what was ever imagined. Thanks so much for watching out for the boys. We talked with
people today who are launching a books on tape version of "Canoeing with the Cree" on Wednesday of next week. Due to the holiday
weekend there may not be updates for a couple of days. No need to panic-Thanks again-

May 22, 2008-Grand Forks-AM Departure
They called to check in at about midnight last night. I guess they were bored in the tent without a TV or radio, so they thought we would be up
and willing to talk. And yes, we will take calls at all hours, so we chatted for a while. They seemed in really good spirits. I asked them if they
would ever get in a canoe again after this trip and they said "wait until you hear our next plan"! They intend  to announce it after they return
from this voyage. I suppose they have a lot of time to toss ideas around. They wanted to send out their personal thanks to Todd, Ellen and Julie
at Wing & Fin. Mike & Jason from Scheels in Grand Forks, Brandon from Scheels in Mankato for coordinating the supply pick up and drop.
Scott Severson-Browns Valley and Pete from the 1901 Club. They were interviewed in all of the local papers and local TV stations. The
Grandmas and Grandpas around the states (Minnesota & Wisconsin) are thrilled to see it. Thanks again-

May 21, 2008-Grand Forks?
They were on KARE 11 in the Twin Cities last night and again this morning with an update on their progress. They were also spotlighted in
Duluth on the local television affiliate. With the close family ties to Duluth, there are many friends and family excited to see them. Sorry for no
advance notice to tune in your televisions as we weren't aware they were going to be on. We've heard they're expected in Grand Forks around
6:30PM tonight. We haven't heard from them directly yet. I will update when we have new information. The interest continues further North on
the Red with offers of assistance and advice. Thanks. Hi to the "work family in Arizona". Thanks for all of the positive thoughts.

May 20, 2008-Traveling to Grand Forks, ND
We haven't heard from the boys yet tonight, but as of last night, they were traveling from Fargo to Grand Forks. I'm finding out I'm only hearing
a fraction of the story when I talk with them. I received an email today from Pam in Brown's Valley. They apparently stayed at the Wing and Fin
Resort on Lake Traverse on May 15. They were treated to a nice dinner, shower and accommodations. According to Pam, they were
extremely exhausted, but got up and got on their way at 7:00AM the next morning. Thanks very much Pam, Todd, Ellen, Greg and anyone else
who helped them out that night. The next time I talk to them I'll ask them about it? I think they're sleep walking/paddling?:) Thanks again-Hope
to hear from them in Grand Forks tomorrow

May 19, 2008-Fargo
Robb and his family were kind enough to make dinner, run errands in Fargo and wash clothes for Colton and Sean. Jill saw them paddle by on
the river and heard from a friend of a friend they were coming thru so, she called out to them. Sure enough, it was the boys they had heard
about. Thanks so much for your hospitality. Colton and Sean talked to a local Fargo TV station today, then headed for Grand Forks this
afternoon. They're scheduled to meet with the Grand Forks TV station and newspaper on Wednesday. All is going well-Thanks Again.

May 18, 2008-Fargo
They called at 5:00PM from Fargo. They're staying in Fargo tonight with a friend of a friend-Rob and his family-Thanks. They traveled 90 miles
in the last 24 hours. They tried a new strategy. Since they're traveling with the current, one slept while the other paddled for 24 hours. Yes, we
think they're crazy too. We shipped supplies they needed to Grand Forks and at this pace the boys will be in Grand Forks ahead of the
package. The "guy" from the restaurant in Fairmont, ND emailed-it's Pete. Pete said he had a nice chat with the boys. Thanks again for the
burgers Pete. They're determined to complete this trip in record time, so they plan to continue the pace. Everything is going well.

May 17, 2008-
They called as they were leaving the Fairmont, ND area in the morning and talked for a minute, then lost the signal. It was a beautiful day and
they were
"flying down the river". No word after that. They had walked about 2 miles into town the night before for burgers and ice cream.
They said the guy at the restaurant bought them the burgers. Thanks-We'll update when we hear from them.

May 16, 2008-Near Fairmont, ND
We just received a locater beacon from them. They're near Fairmont, ND. We haven't talked to them, so don't have an update on conditions,
but based on the distance, today was a pretty good day. They should be on the Red River tomorrow which brings them to an entirely new
chapter of the trip. The Red River travels North, so at last they will be traveling with the current. We'll update when we have more information.
Thanks again to all-

May 15, 2008-Browns Valley
They're in Browns Valley, they traveled about 35 miles today. They had great weather. They only had a minute on the phone, so they didn't have
time to chat. They said they're feeling great and conditions are great. They said they would call back later this evening. We did hear from them
late last night. They were in a swampy area and had to walk a distance to find a dry place to pitch their tent. Everything is going well. They're
making good time. They would like to thank Dawn for the snacks. Thanks-

May 14, 2008-Ortonville Area
We just received a message from the locater beacon. They're almost to Ortonville. We received word from Chris with the DNR in the area and
he saw them last night. All seemed well, they were very sunburned, we'll have to remind them again to wear their sunscreen. The weather in
the area was very pleasant and the wind was relatively calm today. Thanks Chris-The local chamber of commerce was hoping to provide a
food and lodging tonight. Thanks-Hope the were able to connect with each other. It should have been a great day to travel.

May 13, 2008
-Lac Qui Parle
Colton and Sean called. They're on Lac Qui Parle staying at the Milan Beach Resort. They're wind bound tonight. The wind is blowing directly in
their face. Once again, the weather is not their friend.There were signs on the river with Colton & Sean's names with offers for support. Up to
this point, the thank yous and appreciation have come mostly from the parents and families. Colton and Sean made a point of making a list
tonight and asking me to forward their gratitude to those who have helped them so far. Jim, Ginny and the Crew at Turner Hall, mayor Dan,
mayor Gary, Kevin Jensvold, Suzy-Granite Falls, Tom, June & Todd for the portage meal today in Montevideo, Patrick & Butch-CURE, Jane &
Jason at the Milan Beach Resort, Paul & Barb-Granite Falls, Burt for lunch, and the many journalists and photographers who have been so
kind. They said there are many others too- Thanks- There were more offers of assistance, warm meals and warm shelter. Thanks very much.
Be sure to wave and say hi to the boys if you see them.

May 12, 2008-Montevideo Area
They departed from Granite Falls around 9:00AM this morning. There were many people as well as photographers to see them off. The
weather was cold and windy again. They must be out of cell service since we didn't receive word of their location tonight. KVLY from Fargo
contacted Dan, Colton's dad for an interview today. WDAZ from Grand Forks is looking for them to do an interview when they come through
that area. I just heard about an outstanding teacher in Chanhassen using Colton & Sean's trip in a longitude and latitude lesson. Colton & Sean
had spoken to their class about the trip a few months ago. Pay attention kids! A sporting goods store has made job offers for when they
return from the trip. One last thing-The Life to the Max show on Saturday night was great! If I can find a link to it, I'll add it to the site. Thanks to

May 11, 2008-Granite Falls
Today was a scheduled rest day. Colton and Sean's friends, Courtney, Erin, Sadie and Jeff came out to visit. Colton and Sean's parents and
Colton's sister Ali also came out to visit. It was a beautiful day, sunny and 60 degrees. We visited in the park on the way into town. Dan the
mayor stopped by with passes to the community center. There were a couple of local reporters there visiting and working on their stories
also. Suzy a visitor at the park stopped by with well wishes. Teri from the Upper Sioux Area State Park stopped by with good wishes and
Courtney's grandparents stopped by to say hi. Thanks everyone for the hospitality. Colton and Sean arrived in Granite Falls the previous
evening and Kevin the tribal chairman gave them a ride into town. Kevin offered them sweet grass to burn for good weather. Thanks Kevin.
Colton and Sean relaxed and enjoyed a much needed rest. They're feeling strong and are ready to be off on their third week of travels. They
repaired the problem with the yoke on the canoe and expect to be in Ortonville in about three days, providing the weather cooperates.

May 10, 2008-Granite Falls
The boys reached Granite Falls today at about 6:00PM. They are preparing for their first portages and have encountered heavy rain again. The
forecast is for rain all day tomorrow, then clearing on Monday. Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, so hopefully it will clear as predicted for the
new week. Patrick & Patricia have met the boys for dinner in Granite Falls and we'll have a first hand report from them tomorrow. Colton &
Sean have discovered a problem with a yoke on the canoe, but nothing a team of handy voyageurs can't repair.
Updates Continued-