Colton Witte-Minnesota State Mankato
Sean Bloomfield-Minnesota State Mankato
Blake Spanier-Minnesota State Mankato
Sam Ebenreiter-Minnesota State Mankato

Departure-July 11, 2011
Return-July 30, 2011

**Update** July 30, 2011
They returned earlier than anticipated due to snow in the mountains
and passes being closed. They had a great time and pictures will be
posted soon. The locals have said summer is approximately 5 weeks
behind a typical year. Also due to the snow and ice, there was a lack
of small game and difficult fishing, resulting in a collective weight

loss of about 85 lbs. over 3 weeks. They all have said they would do it

The four men departed into the wilderness July 11, 2011, to spend
about 30 days in the mountains "living off of the land". They have
guns, fishing poles, tents and sleeping bags, but very little food. They
intend to hunt and fish for all of their meals.

Copy and paste the following link into your browser to see where they
are. Keep in mind they probably won't send a locater beacon every
2011-The Destination:

Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area
Montana/Wyoming Border
2011 Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Area
July 10, 2011:
July 11, 2011:
July 13, 2011:
July 15, 2011:
July 17, 2011:

July 21, 2011:
July 20, 2011:
July 24, 2011:
July 25, 2011-Looks like they climbed the mountain-
July 25, 2011:
July 26, 2011:
July 28, 2011: